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El Golfo - Prohibido el paso - You can walk only by path - Charco de los Clicos

One of the most beautiful part of the Lanzarote Island. The "lake" Charco de los Clicos near the small village El Golfo. In half caldera there is a small green lake. The colour comes from algae. The lake is on the black beach. When You see from the viewpoint You can see: strong green lake, absolutely black beach, and crystal blue ocean. Unforgettable.

In the region of La Geria on both sides of the road there are small holes dug in the black rock, which grow a single vine bushes. Apparently the bushes are more than 10,000. With harvested fruit is formed over two million liters of wine per year. La Garia are several wineries. Due to the difficult growing conditions, the wines are quite expensive.

Three beautiful beaches separated by cliffs near Playa Blanca. To the beach you have to drive a car, are located in a landscaped park on an area which is accessible symbolically paid. The beach is clearly visible ebb and flow - the small black pebbles, which in the morning is a few meters from the water, and in the afternoon are completely covered with ocean's water.

It is worth to dive with a professional team CoolDiving of Playa Blanca.

In every shop on the island you can buy a mask for snorking. You should try to wear it, and put your head under the water at any beach. It opens in front of you beautiful, different world. You'll be surprised how many beautiful, colorful fish are swimming between your legs, which you will not notice until puting You head into water. I would recommend do this.