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The small volcanic island in the ocean. Target of holiday trips of thousands of Europeans. The island on which there is a year-round spring, in addition to the summer, when it is real hot summer (especially when warm air coming up from Morocco).

The island on which there is no green. Only the black rocks. And hundreds of volcanoes that are hundreds of years ago were active. The island which looks beautiful. Black rocks and contrasting white houses with them (on the island white buildings are mandatory).

Several hundred meters cliffs on the northern tip of the island and yellow beaches in the south, which are a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

The island, which you can tour by car and visit all the “interest” in two weeks, But he is coming back, because the scenery is beautiful, and those that are found nowhere else and never get bored.

So stood this page – I will post on the photographs and spherical panoramas of Lanzarote. Feel free – it’s worth going there!