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La Geria is the region where grows thousand of small grapes bushs, each of them is covered by small stone wall. It looks amazing. Let's see the spherical panorama of this region.

2014-06-17 15:12:00

I added a new spherical panorama - the road from Haria to Teguise - very beatiful road but quite narrow.

2014-06-17 14:51:00

I added six new spherical panorama of Charco de los Clicos - El Golfo. You can turn around and see all 360 degree panorama fo this beautifull place.

2014-06-16 20:58:00

Diving and snorking on Lanzarote

I added recently two new gallery - diving and snorking on Lanzarote. It is good place to try do dive. You can find the new galleries in Lanzarote photos.

2014-06-06 19:11:00
Diving on Lanzarote, Playa Blanca, 6m deep

Lanzarote is very nice place to try to dive (If You didn't try it before). You can also snorking only with mask and snorkel, but can try to go deeper. In Playa Blanka on the south of the island there is the very friendly diving team called Cooldive Lanzarote. They can teach You to dive (down to 6 meter deep - for beginners). See my short film about my first diving.

2014-05-21 22:50:00